BREAKING: Kent Leonhardt for Agriculture Commissioner Announces Legislative Endorsements

BREAKING: Kent Leonhardt for Agriculture Commissioner Announces Legislative Endorsements

Leaders in both Legislative Houses announced their support for Kent Leonhardt for Agriculture Commissioner, citing his experience as a Lt. Colonel in the Marines, conservative ideology, and 20 years as a Farmer in Monongalia County.

“Kent Leonhardt is a dedicated public servant with the experience, intelligence, and professionalism to energize the West Virginia Department of Agriculture with vitality and dynamic leadership. Kent will bring the perspective and heart of one that has dedicated their life’s work to true agricultural pursuits and to proudly serving our country in the US Marine Corp. He is ideally suited to this position”, said State Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael.


The West Virginia Legislature made several critical changes in 2015 to create a more businesses friendly environment and protect our coal industry. Senator Kent Leonhardt was a critical voice for common sense reform to our legal system and education system while advocating for more resources to battle our ever growing drug problem in West Virginia. Now Senator Leonhardt has set his eyes on being the voice of all West Virginia Farmers to fight back against the EPA and promote agriculture and agribusiness here in the Mountain State.

“I find it very reassuring when I talk to Kent, a fellow farmer, about agriculture issues. I know he can relate to what I am saying. Combine his agriculture experience with his twenty-one years in the Marines, I know he is the ideal candidate to modernize our Agriculture department”, stated Delegate Amy Summers.

Other elected officials endorsing Kent Leonhardt for Agriculture Commissioner today:

Senate President Bill Cole
Speaker of the House Tim Armstead
Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael
House Majority Leader Daryl Cowles
Senator Ryan Ferns
Delegate Lynne Arvon
Senator Ed Gaunch
Delegate Danny Hamrick
Senator Daniel Hall
Delegate Jordan Hill
Senator Robert Karnes
Delegate Eric Householder
Senator Mark Maynard
Delegate Gary Howell
Senator Jeff Mullins
Delegate Woody Ireland
Senator Tom Takubo
Delegate John Kelly
Senator Charlie Trump
Delegate Kayla Kessinger
Senator Dave Sypolt
Delegate JB McCuskey
Senator Craig Blair
Delegate Josh Nelson
Senator Donna Boley
Delegate Amanda Pasdon
Senator Mike Hall
Delegate Matthew Rohrbach
Senator Chris Walters
Delegate Randy Smith
Delegate Kelli Sobonya
Delegate Amy Summers
Delegate Terry Waxman
Delegate Michael Ihle
Delegate Eric Nelson
Delegate Boogie Ambler
Delegate Saira Blair
Delegate Anna Border-Shepard
Delegate Jim Butler
Delegate Scott Cadle
Delegate Dave Evans
Delegate Pat McGeehan
Delegate Michel Moffatt
Delegate Brian Kurcaba
Delegate Chris Stansbury
Delegate Joe Statler
Delegate Ron Walters
Delegate Mark Zatezalo
Delegate Danny Wagner
Delegate Ryan Weld
Delegate Mike Azinger
Delegate Roger Hanshaw
Delegate Walter Duke
Delegate John Overington
Delegate John Shott
Delegate Roy Cooper
Delegate Erikka Stroch
Delegate Paul Espinosa
“I am honored to have my colleagues and fellow legislators offer their support for my candidacy for West Virginia Agriculture Commissioner. As I continue to travel across West Virginia to speak farmers and everyday West Virginians, the message is clear; we can and will do better. With common sense reform and someone who will fight back against Washington and the EPA to protect our West Virginia farmers we can move Agriculture forward here in West Virginia,” concluded Senator Leonhardt.

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